Trust makes money and generates brand loyalty

Three questions for Nailê Rocha, general manager of Shopping Iguatemi Porto Alegre

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Nailê Rocha - gerente-geral Iguatemi Porto Alegre - ANK Reputation
Nailê considers clear and transparent communication to be one of the fundamental actions to gain and maintain the trust of all audiences – Photo: Disclosure / RF

He has a solid career in management and strategy in retail. At Shopping Iguatemi Porto Alegre, he has been working for 25 years, 11 of which as Marketing Manager and 14 as General Manager. Graduated in Social Communication, has a postgraduate degree in Administration, Business and Marketing from PUCRS and an MBA in Business Administration from Fundação Dom Cabral. She is an Administration advisor at IBGC.

In front of Shopping Iguatemi Porto Alegre For 14 years, Nailê Rocha has experienced every day the effects of trust in business and its role in managing brand reputation. For her, trust is associated with a coherent history, transparency and ethical values. And, to maintain trust, he states, it is essential to deliver the promised results, have an attitude aligned with the company's values and clear communication.

Read below three specific questions about trust for Nailê Rocha, general manager of Shopping Iguatemi Porto Alegre.

1. When you think of trust, what three words come to mind?

  • Coherent history
  • Transparency
  • Ethical values

2. Thinking about the gains generated by trust for Iguatemi Porto Alegre, which ones would you highlight as the most relevant?

Business profitability and brand loyalty.

3. Among everything that Iguatemi Porto Alegre does to gain and maintain trust, what are the three fronts/actions that you consider essential?

  • Delivery of promised results to stakeholders.
  • Your team's attitude is consistent with the company's values and compliance.
  • Clear and transparent communication with all your stakeholders.


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