People Management

We develop and provide training and mentoring for senior leaders and spokespersons who seek to improve skills and communication with subordinates and strategic audiences.

In ANK Reputation training, we prepare leaders and spokespersons for public positions on strategic business topics, in order to align the business narrative and extract maximum value from every opportunity.

Based on the ANK methodology, development programs and mentoring are customized according to the challenge and ensure leaders are monitored individually or collectively.

  • 1
    Knowing and tracking KPI's
  • 2
    Assemble a work plan
  • 3
    Train and follow up
  • 4
    Measure and replan

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Líderes e Porta-vozes

For Leaders and Spokespersons

  • Trainings

    Preparation of spokespersons
    Media training
    CPI training
    Digital positioning for leaders
    Risk and crisis management
    Communicator leader
    ESG agenda for spokespersons

  • Mentorship for assertive and engaging communication
  • C-level executive placement program