Ethics and Integrity are non-negotiable principles of ANK's work since its inception, and maintaining them on a day-to-day basis is the responsibility of all its professionals. To assist in this permanent and joint construction, the company has its Ethics Committee.

Committee of Ethics

It is ANK's governance body responsible for examining and making recommendations on issues related to the posture, attitudes and performance of the company's professionals, to ensure compliance with its values, guidelines, policies and codes, in the work environment and in the relationship with all stakeholders. stakeholders.

Maintain and expand ANK's legacy of ethics, to preserve the company's trust and credibility in all its relationships.

It is made up of the partners of ANK Reputation, elected senior consultants and independent members.

It meets according to the frequency determined in the company's annual calendar and can be activated whenever necessary.

The members of the Ethics Committee are committed to secrecy regarding situations and topics brought to their analysis.