World Economic Forum chooses trust as theme in 2024

Davos meeting aims to reinforce principles of transparency, awareness and accountability among global leaders

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The meeting, which brings together world leaders, begins on January 15th – Photo: World Economic Forum/ Benedikt von Loebell

The World Economic Forum, which takes place in Davos, Switzerland, between January 15th and 19th, chose the theme “Rebuilding Trust” for this year’s debates. The goal is to make participants in the 54th edition of the meeting look for ways to restore the collective agenda, reinforcing the fundamental principles of transparency, awareness and accountability among global leaders.

By defining the theme as a starting point for debates in Switzerland, the World Forum program seeks a spirit of “back to basics”, of open and constructive dialogue between government, business and civil society leaders. The objective is to point out solutions in a complex scenario and expand understanding of the most recent advances in science, industry and society.

As a global contribution, the World Economic Forum identifies some areas in which cooperation can ensure a more promising scenario and for which answers to questions of this type need to be sought:

The organization’s teams are working to get everything ready by January 15th – Photo: Global Economic Forum / Pascal Bitz

1) Security and cooperation: How can we effectively address security crises in a fractured world? How can we identify areas where cooperation is essential to ensure a win-win scenario for all stakeholders?

Alternative: Leverage the Forum’s structured, long-term engagement with governments, international organizations and experts across regions.

2) Growth and job creation: How can government, business and civil society unite behind a new economic framework to avoid a decade of low growth and put people at the center of a more prosperous trajectory? How to minimize commitments and maximize synergies in a situation where traditional measures apparently fail?

Alternative: Through partnerships with international economic and academic institutions, as well as the work of the Forum on competitiveness, innovation and human capital.

3) Artificial Intelligence: How can we use AI to benefit everyone? How does the divergent regulatory landscape balance innovation with social risks? How will AI interact with other transformative technologies, including 5/6G, quantum computing and biotechnology?

: Anchored in the Forum's AI Governance Alliance, integrating governments and leading companies, and in 20 Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution around the world.

4) Sustainability (climate, environment and energy): How can we develop a long-term systemic approach to achieving the goals of a carbon-neutral, nature-positive world by 2050, while providing easy, safe and inclusive access to energy, food and water? How can we balance these trade-offs to achieve social consensus?

Alternative: Integrate the work of multiple Forum initiatives with specific purposes.


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