ANK campaign brings trust as a strategic asset for companies

Message starts from reflection on the relationship between trust and value generation to face challenges

Mariana Mondini

Film “2024 is a time for trust” encourages a consistent and coherent journey that generates impact and results – Video: ANK Reputation

Time and trust are intertwined in the year-end campaign that ANK Reputation launches this Tuesday (5) on its digital channels. Created by advertiser Marcelo Pires, from Ideia da Silva, “2024 is a time for trust” provokes the audience to think about the challenge of time – “don’t we trust time too much? Does time reveal all virtues? Will we achieve our dreams over time?” – and about our ability to prioritize what is really important to achieve our goals.

“ANK sees 2024 with enthusiasm and optimism. We wanted to tell our audience that the new year will be one of transformation, commitment, boldness and prosperity, but that, to achieve this, it will be necessary to strengthen trust”, highlights Anik Suzuki, CEO of ANK Reputation.

According to Anik, every day more and more, trust is what will allow companies to remain strong and have the strength to adapt and prosper, regardless of the changes that will impact the business. “But you have to be intentional, prioritize and use methods. We wanted to bring this sense of urgency, but without forgetting to touch people's hearts deeply, with sensitivity and delicacy. I think Marcelo was very competent in this, we are very happy with the result of the campaign”.

For Lucia Ritzel, consultant and head of Content at ANK, the year 2023 showed the need to act in convergence with our time, which is one of permanent and extremely complex changes, and this reality inspired ANK's message. “We can no longer let time take care of everything. As our film says, time rewards those who have time for what is relevant. Our central idea is about trust, but there are several messages embedded in these 60 seconds”, says Lucia.

Advertiser Marcelo Pires says that translating the meaning of “trust” into an institutional video is more than a play on words. It’s provoking a sense of urgency and priority when it comes to reputation management. “Seeking to make trust tangible, a concept so fundamental for those concerned with business reputation, we came to a question that seemed essential to us: is it enough to have trust over time or do we have to enable a time of trust?”

According to Pires, when talking about trust, the tendency is to just think about the past, about what got us here. “What becomes clear listening to the people at ANK: trust is gained in the present, objectively determining the future.”


Creation and script: Marcelo Pires (Ideia da Silva)

Content coordination: Lucia Ritzel (ANK Reputation)

Communication coordination: Mariana Azevedo (ANK Reputation)

Video producer: Teratoid Studio

Direction/editing/finalization: Gabriel Horn (Teratoid Studio)

Audio producer: ClampMusic

Production: Thiago Abrahão (ClampMusic)

Coordination: Claudia Lampert (ClampMusic)

Approval: Anik Suzuki (ANK Reputation)

The year-end campaign ANK Reputation is available here on Reputation Feed, as well as on the company's other digital channels in INStagram, at the LinkdIn and in YouTube.

Photo: Júlio Cordeiro / Special Reputation Feed

Part of the production and campaign launch team: publicist Marcelo Pires, head of content at ANK Reputation, Lucia Ritzel, journalist and consultant Mariana Mondini and editor of Reputation Feed, Christianne Schmitt (clockwise)

Check out ANK Reputation’s end-of-year campaign manifesto “2024 is a time for trust”:

Trust in time or trust time?

Do we trust time too much? Does time correct all errors, reveal all virtues? Will we achieve our dreams over time?

Do you believe that it is enough to invest in positioning from time to time? Or do we have to look after our reputation at all times?

Time is grateful when we exchange “later” for “now”. Time rewards those who have time for what is relevant.

Coherence and consistency are allies of time. Each journey builds a legacy – it is part of a timeline.

The new time is one of words like transformation, commitment, boldness and, therefore, prosperity.

2024 is a time for trust.

Time for trust, transformation, commitment, boldness – Image: Reproduction

Mariana Mondini is a journalist and consultant for ANK Reputation


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