Apple once again becomes the most valuable brand in the world

Itaú, Banco do Brasil and Bradesco are the Brazilian companies that appear in Brand Finance's 2024 global ranking

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Diversification of strategy, such as the focus on wearables, contributed to an increase in the brand value of the iPhone manufacturer – Photo: Shutterstock/Disclosure

After losing the position of most valuable brand in the world to Amazon in 2023, the Appland returned to the podium, according to the Global 500 2024 report from consultancy Brand Finance, released this Wednesday (17). With an increase of 74% compared to last year, Apple's brand value reached US$ 517 billion, gaining a large margin over the second-placed company, Microsoft (US$ 340.4 billion); the third, Google (US$ 333.4 billion) and fourth, Amazon (US$ 308.9 billion). Once again, technology companies lead the ranking.

“Apple increased the value of its brand through strategic diversification and 'premiumization', abandoning its heavy dependence on iPhone sales and focusing on wearables (like applewatch and virtual reality glasses) and services, like Apple TV subscriptions. More than 50% of respondents recognized Apple as expensive but worth the price, reinforcing the brand's ability to charge a premium price”, highlights David Haigh, president and CEO of Brand Finance, in the report.

A pesquisa também encontrou ganhos significativos entre as marcas que fizeram fortes investimentos em Inteligência Artificial, como a empresa de chips norte-americana NVIDIA, cujo valor da marca aumentou 163%, para US$ 44,5 bilhões, tornando-se a marca de crescimento mais rápido do mundo. Assim como a Microsoft, que saltou duas posições, para o segundo lugar, com um aumento de 78% no valor de marca.

Most valuable Brazilian brands

Only three Brazilian brands appear among the 500 most valuable brands in the ranking. Itaú, with US$ 8.3 billion, in 263rd place on the general list, Bank from Brazil, which reached US$ 5.5 billion and ranked 431st, and Bradesco, with US$ 5 billion and in 477th, in the ranking. In Latin America, Corona surpassed Itaú in this year's ranking, with a brand value of US$ 10.4 billion.

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