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Luciana Iodice, CMO of Privalia Brasil, answers three questions about trust

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Luciana Iódice - Privalia - ANK Reputation
Consistency, transparency and experience provided in the relationship with the consumer impact trust, says Luciana – Photo: Disclosure / RF

Responsible for marketing fronts, including branding, communication and performance, he has 22 years of experience in the area. Graduated in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM, she worked in large companies in Brazil and Europe, such as Via Varejo (owner of the Casas Bahia and Pontofrio brands), Havas agency, Catho and eHarmony.

To make trust tangible on the digital fashion platform Privalia Brasil, where she heads the marketing area, Luciana Iódice makes a very simple connection. According to the executive, trust translates into consumer engagement (Premium subscription users purchase 11 times a year) and loyalty to partner brands (95% of them remain on the portal for five years or more). “What we have achieved so far is only possible thanks to the trust we have built and achieved with brands and consumers for 15 years in Brazil”, he states.

Below, three questions about trust for Luciana Iodice, CMO at Privalia Brasil:

1. When you think of trust, what three words come to mind?

It doesn't matter if we are talking about interpersonal relationships or relationships between companies or even between the consumer and a brand. When there is trust, there is a willingness to move forward with this relationship in a close, healthy and lasting way. And for this, three pillars or three keywords. The first is authenticity. In authenticity, there is truth, we follow our purpose and our values. An authentic brand is based on real foundations and becomes stronger. The second is transparency. Empty and veiled speeches will be questioned by increasingly attentive people. If there is authenticity, transparency is also necessary – this includes strengths, but also challenges. Transparency must permeate not only corporate discourse, but the entire consumer journey, from searching on the platform to purchasing and eventual return, in the case of e-commerce. The third word is consistency. A brand's reputation, strategy and actions must be perceived at all times, and not just in a specific period. Volatility breeds distrust.

2. Thinking about the gains generated by trust for Privalia, which ones would you highlight as the most relevant?

For Privalia, the trust generated translates both to our final audience and to our brands: 95% of them stay with us for five years or more. On the consumer side, trust generates high engagement. In addition to the high recurrence of the base as a whole, thousands of people subscribe to Premium, which gives early access to our campaigns. The purchase frequency of these users is 11 times a year. What we have achieved so far is only possible thanks to the trust we have built and achieved with brands and consumers for 15 years in Brazil.

3. Among everything Privalia does to gain and maintain trust, what are the three fronts/actions that you consider essential?

The first point is consistency, transparency and the experience we provide to the consumer throughout the entire process, because it has to be true, throughout the year, of all campaigns, the discovery of our platform, until the moment of purchase and eventual return. The second pillar is with brands, as we are a partner, not just another channel. We are concerned with representing them in the best way and always carrying out actions with great transparency and side by side with them. And the third point, which makes all of this possible, is the very good alignment between all leaders and our team, with the same values, with the same transparency, because, otherwise, we cannot deliver from the door. out too.


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