Who we are

ANK Reputation is a Reputation Management, Reputational Risk and Threat Management and Crisis Management consultancy for companies, institutions and C-Level leaders. We work to drive results and generate value for all stakeholders, as well as to preserve the legacy and achievements of organizations.

ANK Reputation

To ensure a change of business level, differentiation and recognition, we work with methods and processes to Reputation Management, in addition to offering projects for PR, Institutional Communication, Training and Mentoring.

reputation is the look from the other

It's what people think about another person or company, based on available information and lived experiences. It is a set of perceptions that, favorable or not, determines the feeling and attitude of the public towards someone or an organization.

Related to the external and subjective, reputation is something we cannot control. But we can – and must – manage.

strategic reputation generates results

What We do

Management of Reputation
PR and Institutional Communication
Training and Development

track record multisectoral and multistakeholder

The ANK methodology considers the particularities of each sector, region and strategic stakeholders of the business. We develop tailored strategies for each challenge.

  • Infraestrutura e logística
    Infrastructure and logistics
  • Indústria
  • Tecnologia
  • Saúde
  • Educação
  • Mercado financeiro
    Financial market
  • Varejo
  • Mídia e entretenimento
    Media and entertainment
  • Entidades e instituições
    Entities and institutions
  • Famílias empresárias
    Family businesses

ANK Reputation was born from the belief in Brazilian companies, in the power they have to make things happen, and reputation as a strategic asset that drives them through their challenges.

Anik Suzuki,
Founder and CEO of ANK Reputation

O ANK team

The ANK team brings together recognized professionals in their areas of expertise and with multidisciplinary experiences. They are consultants and specialists, who work in project teams, guaranteeing the necessary skills for each challenge.

We also have a network of partners with complementary specialties, which are incorporated into the teams according to the specificities of each project.

Escritório ANK ReputationPorto Alegre
ANK Reputation Office
Porto Alegre
Escritório ANK ReputationSão Paulo
ANK Reputation Office
São Paulo